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Your child or young person has came out, that’s brilliant, it shows that they feel confident in themselves and that they are trusting you to support them. 

The first step is understanding the terminology used for gender and sexuality.

LGBTQ+ Is an initialism meaning:

L lesbian        G gay    B bisexual     T transgender            Q queer or questioning

LGBTQ+ is the shortened initialism more commonly used, covering all communities within LGBTTQQIAA.

transsexual, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, pansexual, agender, gender queer, bigender, gender variant, pangender.

The terms used can evolve, remembering the list is less important than gaining an understanding of the terms and being respectful.  It is also important to remember that words hold different meanings to different people, so it is crucial to be sensitive and use the term that the individual child or young person prefers.

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