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Working with Abuse

 Abuse and neglect are the main reasons why children and young people are placed in Foster Care.

Children and young people who have experienced abuse are more vulnerable to  being subjected to further abuse throughout life. 


 To counteract this,

Foster Carers, Residential Workers, Adopters and others working with children and young people need support and training to enable them to cope with the complexity of providing care for those who have experienced abuse.

Therapeutic Parenting

Therapeutic parenting also known as Dyadic Developmental Therapy (DDT), is a parenting approach with children and young people who have experienced developmental trauma and have attachment difficulties.

It is a type of high structure/high nurture intentional parenting that fosters the feelings of safety and connectedness, enabling traumatized children and young people to begin to heal and attach.

Links to TSD Standards 1(1,2,3) 2(1,3,5) 3(4,5) 4(1,2) 5(1,2,3,4,5,6,8) 6(3) 7(1,2,3,4

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